Zhahara Bloodheart
Zhahara Bloodheart image
Miss Zhahara in all her Glory.
Basic information
Age 85
Gender Female
Race Sin'dorei
Affiliation Horde
Status Alive

Born in A small village, deep in the Eversong Woods, Zhahara is A rather beautiful Sin'dorei. She is A keen Magi, and A budding member of the Eburi Knights.


A lithe, slim Sin'dorei, Zhahara is the average build.
Her elegant face is distinguishable due to her prominent cheekbones, which give her a somewhat disdainful look.
Her hair colour ranges from a fiery red to a more subtle brunette, but she is a natural red-head, because of which she is as fiesty as the next.
Generally swarthed in fine fabrics and ornate linings, Zhahara makes an effort to look her best.


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