Ylandriss Blackmoon
Ylandriss in the Temple of the Moon.
Basic information
Age 9983
Gender Female
Race Night elf
Affiliation Darnassus
Status Alive

Ylandriss Blackmoon is a senior Priestess of the Moon and advisor to the Shari'Adune.


Ylandriss is tall (208cm) and very lean, but healthy-looking. Her face is thin and her features are angular; masculine even. She has a sharp, straight nose and thin lips.

Her long, blue hair is tied back tightly into a single thick plait. Her clothes vary; when in Darnassus she wears robes of various bright colours with silver jewellery, and walks barefoot. However, if she is training younger priestesses or travelling through dangerous territories, she wears light mail or leather armour for agility's sake and brings a bow and blade along with her.

She always travels with her large Winterspring Frostsaber, Ayenra.

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