Vecora Lovett
Basic information
Age Late twenties.
Gender Female
Race Forsaken
Affiliation The Undercity, Horde
Status Undead


Vecora stands about 5'5", although her height is concealed by the crouched stance she usually keeps. Her slim, bony structure only weight about 115 lbs. She is easily identified by her hay-colored hair and faint bluish skin. Her fluffy hairstyle covers the two pieces of flesh missing on each cheek; the wounds never really healed.

She is usually seen in her battlegear which consists of a torn robe and cloak, a pair of shoulder pads, gloves and other various items which are not easily identified.



With a wry and apathetic personality, Vecora is not unlike others of her race. Trying to get her to speak when she does not desire can cause serious injuries if she is not in a good mood. Being a witness of many horrific things, she is not one to laugh easily, although she does enjoy the bits of sarcasm that can occur on a daily basis.

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