Azuremyst Charity by Vanguard of Valor
Basic information
Date 13th of May 2010
Time 8pm
Location Azuremyst Isle
Contact Saranini, Slashcat or Levian

'*Saranini crawls onto a wooden box and coughs loudly before addressing the crowd hurrying through the streets of Stormwind*

You do not put clothes on your farm animals, but draenei are not goats people! They deserve our respect. So on this night, we will show those that have finally decided to move beyond their place of awkward landing, that there are people out there, willing to aid them in their travels. Let the faces of the Vanguardians, and their friends, be the first they see when they step into the world! Let us show them that kindness still lives in this war-ridden earth clod!

The eventEdit

The event will take place on Azuremyst Isle. The intention is to divide and conquer so to speak. We split up and seek out new roleplayers, or non-roleplayers, and attempt to draw them into a conversation. Of course, we also maintain the charity aspect of the event. This translates into bringing clothing, food, bags, or anything else that might be useful to new people, and distributing it while roleplaying.


The Vanguard will be present of course, and all others are very much welcome to attend. The more the merrier!

See alsoEdit

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