Uz Fallak Galdurawga Zal 'ur'Kree image
Galdurawga leaving Netherwing Ledge
Basic information
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Race Orc
Affiliation Horde, Burning Legion
Status Alive

Uz Fallak Galdurawga Zal'Ur'Kree(shortened to Galdurawga) is a male Orc Warlock from Durotar.


Standing at 6ft 3 inches Galdurawga is in everyway an "almost normal" Orc. There are a few differences that are only noticable upon close inspection, mostly the fact that he seems to phase as if not entirely attached to the material plane(as a Voidwalker does) and his eyes glow with the same dark energy of the voidwalkers. Often seen wearing a hood to cover his eyes and face.


As a young Orc, Galdurawga was exiled from the Flameaxe tribe along with his family for his father's sleight to the then Chieftain Kar'Thul. His family spent many years moving as nomads until Galdurawga came of age and swore revenge upon the whole Flameaxe tribe. He started by returning to the tribe under the disguise of a follower of the Chieftains second son(and powerful Warlock) Ur'Awga and it was the he adopted the name Galdurawga(which in the Flameaxe's Orcish dialect means "Follower of Ur'Awga"). He began his revenge by poisoning the Chieftain Kar'Thul with void dust which would kill him slowly, and caused the Chieftain to send out his sons Ur'Agga and Ur'Awga in search of a cure. Galdurawga remained behind until the Chieftain died and then started the next stage of his plan. On the night of Kar'Thul's death he sent out a letter to Ur'Agga (who was next in line) claiming to be his brother saying he had found the cure in Northrend, Ur'Agga upon reading the letter set out and was not seen again. Galdurawga then approached Ur'Awga and told him that his father was dead and that his brother had known all about it and was not going to tell him as he blamed him for his father's death. Ur'Awga was enraged and disowned his tribe and swore to kill his brother leaving the tribe with no heirs, the tribe fell apart due to infighting and other families vying for power. During this time Galdurawga had gained great power for himself and continued to work on the confidence of Ur'Awga, breaking him down slowly until he could not take any more and left for places unknown. Galdurawga now roams the Outlands and Azeroth looking for recruits to his dark army which he hopes to present to the Burning Legion in the hope that he will be granted power absolute.


Galdurawga is often polite to those in power, to underlings he is always rude and forceful opting to impose his will rather than ask for favours. He often has a sly/sneering smile upon his face due to his xenophobic attitude to many of the horde races.

See alsoEdit

Elysium, Galdurawga's Guild

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