Twilight Crusade
Basic information
Faction Horde
Leader Reyna

Researcher, fighter, explorer or tradesman, all have a place in the Twilight Crusade.


The Twilight's Hammer Cult have been behind some of the most evil deeds Azeroth has ever seen. Their activies are far reaching, from the glades of Darkshore to the depths of Blackrock Mountain, to the hidden dungeons of Northrend. Our guild seeks to gather all the intelligence we can about this nihilistic sect, who long for nothing less that the destruction of all of Azeroth.

Our members gather this intelligence through exploration, dungeon-delving and reconnaisance missions.


Apart from regular missions to known sites of Twilight's Hammer Cult activity, we also have frequent story evenings, exploration trips, parties and piss-ups.


We are primarily a RP guild so we expect our members to abide by the RP guidelines of the Realm, and also members are expected to attend guild events and remain active. Promotions are gained through positive contributions in these areas!


Reyna Sunrage - Guild Leader

Illithuelle Sunrage - Armoury Officer and Expedition Co-ordinator

Aadideva - Guild Accountant and Keeper of Monies

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