Tirithiel Ashfoot
Basic information
Age 357
Gender Female
Race Night Elf
Affiliation Cenarion Circle. Kaldorei. The Shari'Adune.
Status Alive

Tirithiel is the current leader of the Shari'Adune.


Tall, lithe and well-muscled, this young Night Elf has a ragged look about her. Typically pale violet skinned with short untidy hair which appears coifed outward in a tangle of small leaves and dirt. Her expression is almost feral-like with sharp pointed features. Her accent is also sharp, and she speaks in a slow, patient and defined manner.

This Kaldorei is adorned in robes of a high-standing nature which trail down over her feet. The robe is covered in a bark-like pattern which almost melds to the colour of her skin. Hanging loosely over the robe is a sudden clash of colour, a deep purple tabard bearing the emblem of the Shari'Adune and her rank upon the back.

She may often be seen riding atop a Wintersaber or one of the Ashenvale Bears.


Tirithiel is the only child of mother Talathiel who are both current members of the Shari'Adune. Tirithiel joined the sisterhood some months ago and has quickly proved to be a great help to the group. With Miraene's disappearance, Ylandriss, a priestess of the moon passed down leadership to the young elf.


As far as personality goes, Tirithiel mostly keeps to herself and is usually fairly quiet, prefering to keep her attention to the welfare and wildlife of the forests. She is a novice Druid and although young, Tirithiel is learning fast and becoming stronger; it is no surprise that sometimes even her mother comes to her for advice or with samples of something unnatural. She posseses an undying thirst for knowledge and is constantly curious about the world and everything that goes on within it.  She will come and go as she pleases, not particularly serving any cause or crusade. Everything she does is for the welfare of the world, but she will come to the aid of her friends without hesitation.

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