Thiona Sunsorrow
Thiona Sunsorrow image1
Basic information
Age 60
Gender Female
Race Sin'Dorei
Affiliation Horde
Status Alive

Priestess of Light Edit

A wise person once said "If you want to make a big change you have to start with smaller ones". With those words in mind, Thiona, set her hopes for the future. For her, the true and honest intetions of others are worth more than anything. The kindness and love found around the world of Azeroth is what keeps her going, fighting, for a better world.


Standing at the hight of 5'1 she is shorter than most elven women. Her body type would best be described as bony but with a graceful posture. When she concentrates a tiny wrinkle appears between her eyebrows. Her walk is very elegent and because of her tiny figure she has no problem at all keeping balanced as she moves. Thiona has never physicaly worked, this is quite easy to tell be her complete lack of muscles tone in both arms and legs. She rarely wear any make up, she'd rather give a "clean" impression to those she meets. Although she tends her hair almost maniacly, that however she would never admit. She wears pearls but nothing more, she prefers them small and white.


Seven years ago in the kingdom of Quel'Thalas a young girl named Thiona lived a perfectly normal life with her family. But it was during this time that Thiona developed a philosophical and political interest. Her mother and father both lacked the advanced educations, they were simply local ministers dealing with smaller problems of the citizens. When most children picked up their toy swords and shields, Thiona chose to instead sit calmly and listen to sermons her father held. In other words she was almost peace itself. By the time she reached adulthood it was time to travel, she began her journey in the city of Dalaran where she under the approval of the Kirin Tor ,studied holy scripts and ancient languages. She now can be found where her help is most needed, whether it be in Silvermoon City or in the dephts of Blackrock.


Thiona has never felt hatred against anyone or anything. Her political opinions often brings up heated discussions among her kin. She opposes the stands of Lor'Themar and his regim. She is one of the few Sin'Dorei who does not encourage the use of arcane magic. Even though Thiona may seem preaching, her intentions are only intended to open the eyes of her fellow companions.

Quote: "Be the peace you wish for the world"


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