The Warrior's Dance

Where a waterfall of frosted moonlight pours down through delicately tumbling leaves,

a human maiden dances with calmly passion on the silent music of ancient trees.

Arms raised to the diamond-studded sky, she’s standing motionless for a heartbeat,

while ruthless powers rages through her veins, and warms her blood up with its heat.

Then in the dark hours of the night, she begins to turn gently around

amidst the trees which stand there still without the barest hint of sound.

And as the minutes are crawling by she slowly increases the pace,

until her dance is becoming fierce, and sweat glosses her lovely face.

Then she drawes her two handed sword, and takes a fighting stance,

she swiftly whirles around, and dances the Warrior’s dance.

The blade firmly in both hands, She lunges and then she lashes,

furiously she spins around and shouts while she is slashing.

The sword arces above, down and around

and her lightly feet barely touch the ground.

She looks to the silver moon, and dances to its tune.

And in the morning chill, she’s finaly standing still.


Asverze Argus

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