The Travelling Market
The Travelling Market image
Night elves only.
Basic information
Date Saturday 25th July
Time 18:00 onwards
Location Craftsmen's Terrace, Darnassus.
Contact Farellan Moonveil

Small, tattered scrolls have been hung on branches in various night elf settlements, and handed out around Darnassus. They read:

This season's travelling market will be held in the Craftsmen's Terrace of Darnassus.
As usual, we will have a variety of goods from across Azeroth and beyond!
Come and see what we have to offer on Saturday July 25th from sundown onwards.

All Kaldorei traders are invited to sell their wares. To participate, contact:
Farellan Moonveil,
The Emerald Inn,
Tradesmen's Terrace,

The eventEdit

So, we decided to start up a seasonal market just for night elves! As usual we are trying to promote night elf RP, as well as make Darnassus look a little busier and make use of the lovely props in Craftsmen's Terrace.

If you are a night elf and have something to sell, contact Farellan/Miraene/Ylandriss to request a spot at the market. The best spots will be given out on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Of course, we need visitors at the market as well, so even if you don't have anything to sell, come along anyway! It's much more fun than visiting the AH!


There is room for around 10 stalls.

Planned stalls:
Wooden toys

Ideas for other stalls:
GHI items

Other informationEdit

Recurring event
If successful, we will be repeating the market, probably monthly or quarterly, in other NE locations such as Auberdine and Rut'theran Village.

Non-night elves
As this is an event to promote night elf roleplay, we would rather only night elves came to this event. But if you have a non-night elf who you are really desperate to bring along, then you will need a night elf to either accompany you, or to put in a good word with Farellan beforehand! You can find him at the Emerald Inn in Darnassus (poke Miraene if he's not online).

We don't want to see any Horde or Death Knights at the event, please! It's purely for immersion's sake - we just don't think the guards would realistically let you in. Sorry!

Some of our traders will be using the superb Gryphonheart Items addon to sell their custom-made wares. You are advised to install GHI for the market, so you can sample all the goods we have to offer! Get it here.

Calendar reminders
We will be sending out in-game calendar reminders to people we think would like this event. Please request one if we've missed you off the list! You are welcome to visit even if you don't have an invitation.

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