The Sunhawks
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Basic information
Faction Horde
Leader Telírion and Ashirna
Members 9
Website Coming soon!

Before the Scourge invaded Quel'thelas, the Sunhawks were a small branch of the Thalassian military, dedicated to the use of Dragonhawks in warfare. They were lead by Falathir Sunhawk, whom led the unit with pride, and distinction. When the Scourge attacked Quel'thelas, the Sunhawks valiantly defended their homeland, but, in the end even they could not stand against the unrelenting might of the Scourge.

In recent times, survivors of the original Sunhawks have come together to reform the branch.

The Sunhawks are a small, recently founded RP guild, dedicated to bringing more than just Silvermoon to life. We aim to bring about more RP-PvP to the realm, and help the server populace in whatever ways we can.





  • Telírion
  • Ashirna
  • Eloísé

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