The Scourgebane Order
Dedicated to wiping out the scourge
Basic information
Faction Alliance
Leader Normli Thunderbeard, Bron Khazgard (deceased)
Website Leave blank for now!

The scourgebane order were a guild of soldiers of all class and alliance races dedicated to wiping out the scourge by using the united skills of the Alliance races. They had a series of successes against the scourge during the buildup to the invasion and the early assaults on northrend but were wiped out shortly after the initial landings in northrend when their leader dissapeared and they were raided by the scourge and routed on the shored of dragonblight.


The Scourgebane order was formed upon an idea, allowing troops to work together, within the guild, and as honorary members from other guilds. The initial leader Normli Thunderbeard vanished shortly after their greatest victory cut off from his troops in northrend, leadership passed to his second, A dwarf named Bron Khazgard who died in the final battle of the scourgebane order.




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