The Phoenix Guard is a Sin’dorei roleplaying guild dedicated to the restoration of their people and the protection of Quel’thalas. They represent an elite sect of the Sin’dorei military who are often tasked with dealing with the most serious threats to the kingdom. 

You can take a look at our recruitment process on our website. For more information, contact an officer in-game - we'll be happily answer any questions you may have.

The Phoenix Guard
Races Blood Elf
Classes All
Members 34
Affiliation Silvermoon City, the Sunreavers, the Scryers, the Horde,

Who we are Edit

The Phoenix Guard is a roleplay guild, exclusively compromised of Blood Elves. We have been active for two years and counting, and have gathered together a tight-knit community consisting both of guild members and friends that reside in other guilds. Through this, we offer roleplay in differing avenues. We introduce ourselves as one of the first guilds that took the step to enjoy roleplaying from the perspective of the new bold race, after the inception of the Burning Crusade expansion for World of Warcraft.

Rise of the Phoenix Edit

After the fall of the grand High Elves and their forest kingdom of Quel'thalas, the remainders of the race were left to suffocate under the ashes of their legacy. Their only placeholder in the royal bloodline, Kael'thas Sunstrider, renamed them Sin'dorei, in honour of their crushed brethren.

In the ravaged kingdom, Kael'thas appointed one Haldurin Brightwing Ranger General, military commander of what remained of his people, charging him with the reformation and rebuilding of the once enigmatic city of Silvermoon. Brightwing set about the creation of a military unit, comprising only the best and most elite men and women to protect the slow recovery of Quel'thalas.

Having heard of the eminent assassin Senyë Lar'nith, Haldurin appointed her to recruit and expand this new unit, dubbed the 'Phoenix Guard'. Assembling experts in the varied arts of combat, she formed the Phoenix Circle, creating a diverse unit of elite men and women. The Circle watched over the Guard, recruiting and training, ensuring each worthy of their position.

The future of the Sin'dorei lay on a knife edge. Their spirits broken, they looked toward the sole survivor of the Convocation of Silvermoon, the former ruling council slain in Prince Arthas' massacre. Kael'thas Sunstrider did not remain, however, seeking providence instead with his men in Outland.

With the revelation of Sunstrider's true affiliations, the Phoenix Guard now vigilantly watch over the lands of the Sin'dorei - from old threats and new. Loyal not to royalty but to the city, the Phoenix Guard stand stoic with their kin in the face of contempt and danger, training only the exemplars of their age to safeguard the denizens of Quel'thalas.

Activities Edit

The Phoenix Guard prides themselves on their military prowess – often they can be seen training in Eversong Woods, honing their skills against the undead on the Dead Scar or on patrol around the city. They help counter threats to the City and the Kingdom and have often fought of threats that are beyond the capacity of the local law enforcement.

Not content to wait for a threat to the Kingdom, the Guard often seeks out their enemies first. This takes them all over Azeroth and Outlands conducting reconnaissance and preempting attacks.


Officers Edit

The Phoenix Guard is lead by the dedicated Commander Alquanis Firesong and her Circle of advisors.

Alquanis Firesong, Commander

Leader of of the Phoenix Guard

Kaeldrin Perilion, Officer

Grand Inquisitor

Therodar Brightweaver, Officer

Master Cleric of the Phoenix Guard

Veteran GuardsEdit

Lerenas Taigan'lor

Guardsmen  Edit

Aellana Sunfury

Alekii Sunstorm

Elviana Lightwhisper

Dalenn Frostwind

Danen Sunflare

Falanyr Silverlight

Kagarme Dormarth

Marendis Therun

Oreine Shadowsong

Theras Anathalion

Thiona Sunsorrow

Vantonidas "Vante" Shadewarper

Vraél Thyrsta'deloi

Initiates Edit

Aelrynn Tel'Delthoir

Anrtheil Enarius

Azhaire Elones

Faida Shadewarper

Ilien Dawnrunner

Jaivyn Sunfall

Lothaes Brightfury

Maraiah Nethersky


Saelin Dawnstalker

Sanguinias Dal'Khanthra Brakuur

Sariella Sunblossom

Sevestra Dawnchaser Silverspear

Tenhiel Greatstar

Yentara Brightflare

Other Information Edit

The Guard has close ties with the Eburi Knights who often help each other to achieve mutual goals.