The Eastern Council
The Eastern Council image
The crest of the Eastern Horde
Basic information
Faction Horde
Leader Zhahara Serapheart (current)

Hallieta Dawnblade(former)

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The Eastern Council is an organisation formed by the Forsaken and Sin'Dorei government to help run the Undercity and Silvermoon. They rid both cities of dangerous pets and illegitimate Quel'Dorei, order taxes on the cities, manage guild conections to Silvermoon and Undercity and other factions relations to the two cities. Secondarily, the Council hosts court room cases, using members of the public as the jury. Those wishing to join the jury for a one-off case should send a letter to the Easternix.


The Council was created not too long after the Blood Elves joined the Horde. Since then, the E.C has been gaining power. A large campaign to make to promote the Eastern Council took place Summer this year. As part of the 'new and improved' Eastern Council, Magistrix Hallieta Dawnblade was transfered from The Phoenix Guard to the Council. As of recent, the title of Easternix was passed to Zhahara Serapheart after the former leader abdicated her position.


The Eastern Council often sends members to interview and get to closer other Foresaken/Sin'Dorei guilds. Twice a month, the Easternix sends a small group to far-away lands to build relations with other factions ad gain on our knowledge of their lore. This proves as both a gain to Undercity and Silvermoon as well as the member's knowledge. Members must interview owners of exotic pets and Quel'Dorei, searching for valid reasons for them to be in the cities. Along with many other activities such as these, the Council also hosts court room cases.


  • The Easternix
  • Eastern Ambassador (1 Forsaken, 1 Blood Elf)
  • The High Council
  • Eastern Barrister
  • Eastern Magister
  • Eastern Expert
  • Eastern Researcher
  • Eastern Usher/Enforcer
  • Messenger


When on duty, all guild members must wear purple, black and their tabard only. Those ranked The High Council and up may also wear red.

Comming soon...Edit

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