The Dark League
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Basic information
Faction Horde / Lordaeron
Leader The Shadow Council

The Dark League is a secretive organization dedicated to the prospering of Lordaeron and the destruction of its enemies, its main aims are.

The Expansion of the territories of Lordaeron. The Defense of the territories of Lordaeron. The Destruction of any threats from within or the outside. The Breaching and subversion of the greymane wall and whatever lies beyond. Loyalty to the current Ruler of the Undercity.


formed in secret after the events of the Wrathgate the guild has only just begin to rear its head and take in new members. the shadow council is a council of elders that decides on all actions undertaken by the guild and passes the action onto the speaker for the guild who will direct the troops in where to go and what to do.



The guild is a society of equals from the eyes of the lower ranks and the outside, only the upper echelon's know of the guilds secrets and true organizational system.

They only recruit:

Undead, Ebon Blade (rarely). above level ten (to show dedication to the character) People who can grasp the basics of the guild and will follow the rules of the guild.

The guilds RP policy is a simple one. They follow the rules set by Blizzard for Roleplaying realms and any members caught breaking rules ill be given a verbal warning, excessive warnings will result in dismissal


Eshi Valornath

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