The Crimson Shield
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Basic information
Faction Alliance
Leader Strigan Frostwind
Members Under 50 (new)
Website None Yet

The Shields are honoured by king varain, there purpose is to raid teh falling scourge, the lurking legion and a ancient evil that is rising...


For long years the shields have battled against the scarlet crusade, no matter how similar they are they still have differences to settle, the previous leader was High Lord Manvar Crimsonbane. The shields fell apart after his death but years later they reformed with there leader, Strigan Frostwind.


We do weekly events and meetings.


Our Rules from the Book of Crimsonbane Experience- You must have militia-type experience ((RP experience)) Offence- You must respect your fellow members ((No spam or rudeness in guild please)) Raids- You must take part when we attack ((You must take part in at least 1 event))


We are still searching for officers, but in the meantime. Warleader Cage Nighteye Warleader Mormius Commander Strigan

Other informationEdit

We are based at the top left room of Stormwind Cathedral.

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