The Argus Protectorate
The Argus Protectorate image
"For the Naaru!"
Basic information
Faction Alliance, The Aldor, The Sha'tar, Shattered Sun Offensive
Leader High Priestess Osonaa
Members 5



High Priestess

  • Osonaa Jaelo, High Priestess of The Argus Protectorate (Priest)



Honor Guard/s

  • Maiyh Na'resarr, Honor Guard of The Argus Protectorate (Paladin)






  • Asheliana, Neophyte of The Argus Protectorate (Shaman)
  • Mervh Veranau, Neophyte of The Argus Protectorate (Warrior)
  • Teldon, Neophyte of The Argus Protectorate (Shaman)


  • Weekly Prayer Sessions - Led by High Priestess Osonaa
  • Weekly Combat Training - Led by Commander *role to be filled*
  • Weekly Instance Runs - Alts, or Mains.
  • Weekly Meetings - Organised by High Priestess Osonaa
  • Monthly Competitive Events - Organised by Commander *role to be filled*
  • Monthly Plot Events - Organised by High Priestess Osonaa

On our site, we provide access to a full set of forums, including IC, and OOC boards. Any other activities that are not listed here are considered 'surprises', for the respective group/s involved.


We ask that all of our members abide by the Realm Policy's, and attempt to uphold them where they can. We also ask that they follow an additional set of rules.

  • Swearing - Under 18's are asked to turn their profanity filter ON, and to leave it that way until they turn 18.
  • Respect - We ask that all of our members respect each others opinion's, and allow others to voice them. We also ask that they extend this same attitude to other players on the Realm, and furthermore, the game, despite who they are.
  • Channels - We ask that our members OOC in /o (Officer chat), and communicate IC'ly in /g (Guild chat), and that they follow the same rules for other channels.
  • Brackets - We ask that NONE of our members make use of brackets, despite the situation. Just because someone else uses them doesn't mean you have to, and we ask that you inform them they are breaching Realm Policy.


  • High Priestess Osonaa
  • Commander/s *role to be filled*
  • Quartermaster/s *role to be filled*

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