Temav Bloodhorn
Image caption
Basic information
Age Around 145
Gender Male
Race Tauren
Affiliation Horde
Status Alive

Temav Bloodhorn, is one of the last remaining Taurens of the Bloodhorn Tribe, who resided in Stonetalon Mountains until they were pushed out by the Grimtotem Taurens. Temav is very old Tauren, and it can be an amazement on how he has managed to live for so long. Some say it is due to his healing, which he uses, and offers to many different people.

As Temav is becoming rather old, he no longer ventures out much. He is a lot older than most Tauren, and many believe he will not last much longer.


Temav, is a rather tall Tauren, and his fur, a mix of grey and white. His eyes are blue. He seems to not be so muscular as other Taurens, but this is mostly due to his age.


Temav was born in Stonetalon Mountains and was part of the Bloodhorn tribe. The Bloodhorn Tribe no longer has very few living members of the tribe, as the majority of them were wiped out by the Grimtotems. At the time of this Temav was only very young, and so he and a few other young Taurens were guided out of Stonetalon and traveled elsewhere. When he was a little older, Temav and his brother (Robakan) traveled around Kalimdor for a number of years. Now, Temav wanders around the Horde Cities, offering his healing to those who require it.


Temav is a caring Tauren, always trying to smile when he can and be rather cheerful. He enjoys the company of others, and enjoys aiding them in healing.

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