Teleria Shaderunner
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Basic information
Age 2743
Gender Female
Race Kal'dorei
Affiliation Alliance, Kal'dorei, The Shari'Adune
Status Alive


Teleria appears elegant, much the same as they other females of her race. She keeps her hair medium length, with part of it tied up into a small ponytail at the back. She stands slightly shorter than most others of her kind, but compensates for this with broad shoulders.

She wears a overlapping set of chain mail armor, forged from fairly common materials, but dyed blue, to blend in with herself, and certain location's within the forests of Ashenvale. This is all augmented by her tabard, to display her allegiance to the Shari'Adune.


Teleria was born almost three-thousand year's ago, in a small village in eastern Ashenvale. Here, she grew up simply, following her mothers example and joining the sentinels. Roughly five-hundred years later, her brother, Rajatim, was born. At first, she cared little for Raja, often ignoring him, and going out of her way to make him suffer. However, over time, she grew to love him, and they would spend hours wandering the forests of Ashenvale together.

However, this would not last, and the coming of the orcs, and the Burning Legion, shattered her world. She fought alongside Raja on the slopes of Mount Hyjal, where they aided their brethren, the orcs and the Alliance in combating the Burning Legion, holding out just long enough for Malfurion Stormrage to call upon the Forest Spirits to aid them against Archimonde.

In the aftermath of the battle, she was shocked to learn that her parents had been killed during the event's that had unfolded at Hyjal. She fell into a recurring frame of mind, caring little for those around her, and blaming the orcs for her parents death.

Recently, however, she has begun to come to her senses, and now seeks to find a new purpose in these dark times.


Teleria acts rather coldly to outsiders, nurturing a deep hatred of anything that isn't Kal'dorei. This often clouds her judgement, leading her to make some rather stupid decisions. She treats her younger brother, Rajatim, cruelly, often scolding him over trivial matters, or merely resorting to physical, or verbal punishment.

She avoids getting close to anyone, especially men, with her often implying that she has no interest in men whatsoever. For those that do get close to her, she rarely shows it whilst around others, preferring to keep close relationshi's private.

See alsoEdit

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