Tani Felbane
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Basic information
Age 23
Gender Female
Race Human
Affiliation Neutral Alliance
Status Alive

"People call me a sadist... is it really so bad that I enjoy my job? Death is my business, and business is good at the moment" - Tani Felbane, quoted during a meeting


Little is known of her appearance, being described as short and curved, her head and face are concealed during meetings allowing her to blend in with the crowd when she removes her hood. As such her hair colour and style is changed often to allow the chameleon aspect of her trade. Her eyes change colour by will due to a rare gene, ranging from black to molten brass.


Born into Stratholme nobility and killing her first victim aged 16, Tani went from a spoilt noble girl who secretly despised her bloodline, to victim of the Scarlet Crusade's cruel and unusual torture practices, to become one of Azeroth's deadliest and most feared assassin's and bounty Hunters. Tani will take on a job that pays well, or a job that doesn't pay well, gaining more money by means of a double cross. She claims it's not about the money, she enjoys killing those who are able to put up a fight. She only conditions that her targets are not children.

Tani has disappeared on numerous occasions, once she was injured during an assassination attempt on the Scarlet Monestary and was nursed back to health by her sister, a second time she vanished for three weeks, only for her employer's to discover she'd taken a three week holiday in the Undermine. Most recently she was attacked by her Death Knight relative, Samaré and was thrown from a window. This time her ruined body was discovered and she was taken to the Cathedral, and then the Stockade infirmary when corrupt nobles wanted to place her on trial accused of countless other crimes. She later broke out, suffering from Amnesia and went on a long journey of revenge, slaying the 3 nobles who had planned to frame her by slitting their throats, the Inquisitor of the Scarlet Crusade who'd ordered her torture, which she discovered was her own father, giving him a blunted dagger and kicking him from a window of the Scarlet bastion to the waiting Scourge, and her aunt, who she killed with aid from her sister.

Currently Tani is back, awaiting for the next job to fill her coffers with gold


Quick to anger, slow to appease, she has a reputation of being volatile to those who don't know her, although her cool, calculated attitude is known to appear to those who are respectful.

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