Tales and Legends Night
Tales and Legends Night image
Basic information
Date 29. October 2010
Time 20:30
Location The Sepulcher (Silverpine Forest)
Contact Zhinlan

It be time for anotha' tales and legends night!

Seein' as dis be da time of year ta shiver, me will ask ya ta prepare da scariest stories ya know! If we go home without lookin' around every dark corner, it was not scary 'nough!

Put on ya most terrifyin' outfit, and bring ya tales, ya food and drink and ya bravery on Friday da 29th of October to da Sepulcher in Silverpine Forest.

See ya soon mons!


OOC informationEdit

The event takes place at 20:30 server time.
You do not have to tell a tale, but the more stories the merrier! (or scarier in this case)
And remember to wear your favorite Hallow's End costume!

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