Sylvanistrasza in her mortal form
Basic information
Age Two thousands years
Gender Female
Race Bronze Dragon
Affiliation Bronze Dragonflight
Status Alive


Sylvanistrasza as a Blood Elf has long blond hairs, long ears with a small golden circle in it and eyes filled with power.


During the First War Sylvanistrasza helped other dragons in destroying of Zin-Ashari.When the First War end Sylvanistrasza was sended to a Quel'dorei peoples by Nozdormu in order to observe that race. When the Scourge came Sylvanistrasza along with Kael'thas went through the Dark Portal. As a Kael'thas ally Sylvanistrasza mortal form transformed into a blood elf. When Kael'thas order to attack City of Sha'tar Sylvanistrasza along with Scrycers joined Sha'tar forces. After deafeting Kael'thas in Tempest Keep Sylvanistrasza pleased Khadgar to create a portal to a Silvermoon City. Khadgar made it and send Sylvanistrasza through it. When Sylvanistrasza lived in Silvermoon she joined the offensive against Grekhan. When two Grekahn solidiers were in the prison Sylvanistrasza warded them. After two solidiers fled Sylvanistrasza joined Silver Assasins. Now Sylvanistrasza haunt Grekhan apart. She hope one day she will execute him....


Coming soon....

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