Syka has a huge profile, only because she has lived for ver 3,000 years...

Syka is a level 70 night elf with epic in all her slots. What she has done in the past 3,000 years, nobody knows... But right now in Northrend she is fighting her way through to Victory. She is a warrior, allowing her to wield nearly all of the types of weapons. She right now has 1 weapon: Hellboar Carving blade. This weapon does 226 damage to 367, and incrieces Strength by 16, and staminia by 47. (not completely accurate!) Syka now does aproximately 788 to 956 damage, and ocasionaly hits 1k! Her main story started when she was 13.

It was her Birthday, as her mother was cheering for her. Then, the imposible happened. She turned to dust, and disolved. Syka was so suprised that she even called the whole village to see what had happened. They lived in a place far of from Azeroth or Outland... They might have lived 10000 billion miles away... They bassicaly lived high in the space, on another planet called An'eloth. She trained for 3000 years as a setinel, and here she is, fully trained. In northrend, retired from being a sentinel, she is now a slayer of Horde and the cursed Wrecthed.

Age - 3026 or more.... Race - Night Elf Gender - Female class - Warrior Status - (deleted)

Appeareance. She is around 2.7m tall, and has purpleish hair. She has a tatoo on her face, the shape of a snake. It is purple as well!