Solariel Dawnstar
Image caption
Basic information
Gender Male
Race Sin'Dorei
Affiliation Dawnstar Council, Silvermoon City, Quel'Thalas, Horde, Scryers, Sunreavers, Shattered Sun Offensive
Status Alive

Solariel Dawnstar is the son of Viridiel Dawnstar leader of the Dawnstar Council.


This Narcissistic elf pays great attention to his looks. Solariel has an elf of average height, has a light but healthy skin tan and a light blond foxtail. However being the narcissistic elf he is you'll find him changing hairstyles from long to short, black to blond and from wild to traditional. As with most elves Solariel favors red colored clothes with golden adornments. On events he is mostly seen in tuxedo's, expensive shirts and designer jackets. Bought at the best clothiers found in Silvermoon.


Solariel is a descedent of the Dawnstar bloodline who rule Dawnstar village on Quel'Danas close to the Sunwell palace. He was destined to become part of the new generation of magisters that would preserve the Sunwell. Though this never came to pass as the Shadow of Death fell upon our race. He as swell stood against Arthas and his scourge, buying time for the magisters to device a plan.

Sadly in the end our beloved Sunwell got.. ...destroyed. Solariel was badly injured during the Fall of Quel'Thalas. Numerous bone fractures and scratches scared his body. He has been recovering since then for a few months in Silvermoon's spires and resumed his studies of the arcane quickly after that.

Solariel is one of the magi who took part in the restoration of Silvermoon City together with Grand Magister Rommath. After having stayed in Silvermoon for a few years he started to travel around Azertoh, using his knowledge wherever needed.


Solariel is a rather eccentric elf. His love for the arcane studies goes deep and he has perfected his skills in the past few years. As a Blood elf noble he is fiercely loyal to his own race and strives to protect all of Quel'thalas.

Normally he could be described as a kind and loving elf around the ones he loves. Often introvert at first but growing warmer and more open towards people as time passes. When the chance opens up for sarcasm Solariel is quick to grab it and loves to fool around with his friends. This usually is manifested in a loving way though. When maddened he transcends into a bestial rage leaving no mercy for the one to do so. Therefore it is wise to avoid upsetting his emotions if unneeded.

In recent decades Solariel has become renowned for his love for the male population of Quel'thalas and doesn't hesitate to win the love of the elf he desires most.

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