Slashcat image
Basic information
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Race Night Elf
Affiliation Alliance
Status Alive

Grand Marshal of the Vanguard of Valor. The title was passed on after the previous leaders Lord and Lady Silvermane retired.

Was born as Alessa Stormrunner, but chose a nickname of 'Slashcat' to spare her family from trouble.


Usually dressed in dark leather. Her purple hair has been tied to two practical braided loops. Carries a couple of vials and a herb pouch on her belt.


Not too keen to talk about her past. Was born somewhere in Ashenvale, has siblings. Has not seen her family since she chose to pursue a career as a Rogue. Was originally going to be a huntress due to her liking for the Nightsabers, but was discovered by a man who saw a Rogue in her and so she decided to follow that path instead.

After the Third War, met her young cousin Catscratch in Teldrassil and started feeling the need to belong. Travelled with a druidess who introduced her to the Vanguard and they became her new family.


  • Feels very strongly about the Vanguard and defends her own furiously if needed.
  • Fears spiders.
  • Likes the colour purple.
  • For casual events often wears a black hat; It was given to her by a salesman she saved in Hellfire Peninsula.

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