Silver Vanguard
"Place your faith in the light, and all is possible" - Tirion Fordring
Basic information
Faction Alliance
Leader Gerevon Exier
Members 15-20
Website Coming soon!

The Silver Vanguard is a branch of the now resurgent Silver Hand, founded as a small, but elite cadre of shock troops to handle the growing infestation of demons and undead in Alliance lands. They have seen recent deployment throughout Outland and Northrend - and continue to maintain a base within the Plaguelands to help tackle any remaining Scourge in the area.


The Silver Vanguard was formed not long before the events that lead to the re-opening of the Dark Portal by Gerevon Exier, a surviving Paladin of the Silver Hand. The Vanguard was dedicated to combating the threat of the Scourge in the Plaguelands, and containing the rising threat of the undead in Duskwood.

The Vanguard grew in might, but still stayed relatively small, in comparison to many other groups - this gave them the advantage of being able to move their forces around the Eastern Kingdoms relatively unnoticed.

Pressing on with their objective, the followers of the light battled on to Outland and aided the Alliance as best they could. For exceptional valor in combat, several of the Vanguard were elevated to aid the Commander in tactical areas, and maintaining discipline amongst the troops.

Following their success in Outland, and a brief rest and recuperation break in the aftermath, they were pressed into service in Northrend against the Scourge.


  • Weekly Combat Training - Previously organized by - Gerevon
  • Weekly Meetings - Previously organized by - Gerevon
  • Monthly Plot Events - Previously organized by - Gerevon


We ask that all of our members abide by the Realm Policys, and attempt to uphold them where they can. We also ask that they follow an additional set of rules.

  • Swearing - Under 18s are asked to turn their profanity filter ON, and to leave it that way until they turn 18.
  • Respect - We ask that all of our members respect each others opinion's, and allow others to voice them. We also ask that they extend this same attitude to other players on the Realm, and furthermore, the game, despite who they are.
  • Channels - We ask that our members OOC in /o (Officer chat), and communicate IC'ly in /g (Guild chat), and that they follow the same rules for other channels.
  • Brackets - We ask that NONE of our members make use of brackets, despite the situation. Just because someone else uses them doesn't mean you have to, and we ask that you inform them they are breaching Realm Policy.
  • Maturity - We ask that our members display at least some degree of maturity - even though we accept this is not always maintainable, in certain situations. Don't allow yourself to be baited, and don't respond to insults.



  • Update*

Other informationEdit

The Silver Vanguard has now been refounded on the Alliance, and will begin recruiting shortly.

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