Siggle Pomodra Whizzclean
Image caption
Basic information
Age 36
Gender Female
Race Gnome
Affiliation Darnassus
Status Alive

Siggle Pomodra Whizzclean, maid to Ilathion Silverleaf, lives in Craftmen's Terrace upon Teldassil. The young, quirky, little gnome spends her time either cooking up Darnassus' best dish, enthusiasticly sweeping her master's house or praying in the Temple of the Moon.


The young gnome is the average size for somebody of her race nearing adulthood and is slightly plump yet in a rather pleasant manner. A childish, curious smile can usualy found on Siggle's round, pleasent face, sitting just under her slightly large, round nose. She has long wavey hair that reaches down to her rear when untied, though most of the time is kept up in some sort of eccentric knot. Her hair colour changes from week-to-week, sometimes being  shocking pink and at other times a dark, lustrous blue.


Siggle was born in a small hamlet underground about half-a-mile north-east from Gnomeregan called Gnomorn. There were two families residing in the small village; the Whizzcleans -a simple family of 6, proud of there only invention 'the whizzclean'- and the Protechnoligis' -a rather brave and robust family of 10-. (More to come)


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