Sereh Irving
Image caption
Basic information
Age 41
Gender Female
Race Human
Affiliation Alliance, Scarlet Crusade
Status Dead


Sereh has brown hair, cropped into a ponytail. Her bright blue eyes a massive contrast against her tan skin. She is often seen wearing white or red robes, and rarely seen in any revealing clothes.


Sereh was born in Elwynn Forest, in a small cottage near the shore of Westfall. Losing her mother at the age of four, she was left with her schizophrenic, sometimes psychopathic father. When he suddenly committed suicide one day, she was put into the care of her uncle until she was nineteen, when she left home. She settled in with a group of Priests in Stormwind, little did she know she was being pulled into the Scarlet Crusade. When she was twenty-five, she was inducted. She served devoutly and was promoted to Inquisitor three years afterwards.


Sereh can be a bit snappy, but she is otherwise a kind woman. She is a fun-loving type of woman, who isn't scared to 'dip her toe in the water'.

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