Roena Firebrow
Roena Firebrow
Roena at the tavern.
Basic information
Age 120
Gender Female
Race Dwarf
Affiliation Alliance
Status Alive

Roena Firebrow is a middle-aged dwarven lady who currently resides in Kharanos and works at the Thirsty Citizen tavern in Anvilmar.


A stout, aging dwarf with long, golden, plaited hair and rosy cheeks. She wears green, casual clothing and tough leather boots. If she's cooking, then she'll be wearing a rough brown apron too. When she's running the tavern by herself, she'll also be carrying a hefty axe, or at least have it lying around somewhere nearby.


Roena is warm, generous and unreserved. But she's also pretty tactless. When she talks, she does so extremely loudly, and has no idea how booming her voice is. She'll stare at strangers inquisitively, without thinking about whether they might have noticed or not. If a Draenei or night elf enters the tavern, it's likely they'll be subject to her interested gaze for the entire evening.

She is an excellent cook, and although she usually sticks to typical dwarven dishes, she is more than happy to use foreign ingredients from places such as Hillsbrad, Darnassus or even Outland in her cooking.

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