Lady Ravenya Gloria Sin'Drathir
Ravenya Sin'Drathir image2
Raven as a child, Sin'Dorei and Quel'Dorei
Basic information
Age 130
Gender Female
Race Sin'Dorei
Affiliation Silvermoon Magistrate, The Horde, The Kirin Tor and
Status Alive

Ravenya was until recently the leader of House Sin'Drathir, but upon the return of her grand father, the High Lord Anthael Drathir she was forced to step down and once again let the true Elder take his rightful place. She is a proud lady, but unlike many of her family members she is a constant optimist who looks for the silver lining in, if not all, most things. She also tend to be very kind hearted and gentle to most with more than a hand full of patience.


Ravenya carry herself regally at a height of 6'1". There is plenty of confidence and grace in her posture. Her figure is slender and voluptuous but although a magistrix her physique appear not weak, but quite lean and agile. She moves with a natural sensuality, her hips seductively swaying from side to side with no effort from her own side.

Her hair is a beautiful, well kept golden mane which seem almost spun of the rays of the sun itself. It flows down her back and never seen less than perfect. At times several small braids adorn it.

Lately the green glow in Ravenya's eyes has started to fade slightly and the deep azure blue is making itself more apparent.

Raven's voice is soft and calm, brushing over the ones listening to her like a soft caress. While she rarely raise her voice, she does have the ability of making her voice quite commanding should it be needed, calling for the attention of those required.

A golden chain adorns her neck, a diamond droplet hanging from it, dangling almost teasingly just above the valley of her cleavage. Every now and then she moves a hand to gently touch it, as if making sure of it's presence. One would likely assume it is of great importance to her. Lately a golden ring has joined the diamond. It is in the shape of a phoenix and has a red stone in it. She can sometimes be caught holding it in her hands and just stare at it.

Adorning her hands and wrists are several expensive looking rings and bracelets. One of the more characteristic rings being her family ring with the House Crest upon it.


Will come soon...


Will come soon...

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