Pygmee, a cute little draenei huntress and member of the Talon guild has gone.

Guritha met her on her way to Shadowfang Keep where she had an appointment with a raiding group to clear out that haunted place. They become friends right from the start. Both went there own way after their first meeting, but when they were in the same area they went to a nearby inn to chat about their adventures. They also entered a few dangerous places together.

Recently however Guritha hadn’t heard anything from Pygmee anymore, until she got a message from one of Pygmee’s former guild members. Pygmee was found dead in the forest near Southshore, her pet lay next to her, guarding her body. A note found on her told that she committed suicide but didn’t explain the reason why, so this is still a mystery. Her former guild mates brought her body to Azuremyst Isle and buried Pygmee on the graveyard near her home ground.

Guritha was very grieved by this message and mourns about the loss of her friend she hadn’t seen for quite a will. After Guritha got this message, she went to Azuremist Isle to visit Pygmee’s grave on the graveyard near Azure Watch. After she had placed some wild flowers on the grave, Guritha kneeled down before the stone, and mourned over her lost friend and the times they had together in the short period they knew each other.

Pygmee Guritha in mourning at Pygmee's grave.

After a while Guritha stood up again, knowing she had to let go of Pygmee and move on with her own live. After a last farewell Guritha mounted her horse and returned to Valaar’s Berth.

>>>OOC: Pygmee was a real char on the friend’s list of Guritha. We had some nice chats and did a few instances together. She is however gone from the friend’s list, the ingame players list and the Armory. I think she’s deleted what would really be a pity. <<<


Guritha Stonefield

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