Peri'el Goldmorn
Peri'el Goldmorn image1
Basic information
Age 126
Gender Female
Race Sin'Dorei
Affiliation Silvermoon City, Horde, The Argent Crusade.
Status Alive

Peri'el Goldmorn, kind hearted Priestess and follower of the Light. Commander of The Phoenix Guard.



Peri’el grew up in Hillsbrad foothills, close to Dalaran. She was born into a noble family that prides themselves on producing some of the finest mages. Her father was an influential member of the Kirin Tor, a powerful magi, thus she lived a rather sheltered life. She was far too young to understand death when she lost her baby brother who suffered a crib death. She blamed herself for his death, as she was old enough to understand that she was his big sister and felt the need to protect him. Her parents decided to send her to Quel’thalas, to spare her of the sorrow and tension the death had caused. She attended a boarding school for girls there that was infamous for its ways of turning young girls into proper Ladies.

She returned to Hillsbrad foothills after graduation from the boarding school. She began to study the Arcane and learned to master a few basic spells before discovering her natural affinity with the Light. Shortly after discovering this she began her combat medic training and later became the apprentice of a human High Priestess. She spent a few years in Dalaran, after completing her Priestess training, taking care of people in the local infirmary. Peri’el later moved back to Quel’thalas, changed her name from Goldmourne to Goldmorn and joined the army, serving for many years in a handpicked ten man cell.


See alsoEdit

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