Obasiel Remanon
Elven Commander
"Once in a while a warrior cries for the battle."
Basic information
Age 1600 years
Gender Male
Race Blood Elf
Affiliation The Horde, the Alliance, the Blood Knights.
Status Undead

Obasiel Remanon is a master of lies and deception, and aswell a Blood Knight commander. He can act almost everything, and his lies are credible. He was a loyal servant of lord Grekhan Highstrider, the Grand Master of the Order of the Assassins, and Obasiel was aswell his best spy, and the one that brought him information about the targets and their whereabouts.

He had served Grekhan for a long time, until he betrayed Obasiel, but still only Grekhan and Obasiel himself knew that he served the Order, even the other assassins did not know it, and for a long time Obasiel has been able to fool everyone with his lies, and has gained the reputation of a loyal soldier of Silvermoon City, but he aswell enjoyed his place in the army, and after Grekhan betrayed him, he saw the truth, and how he has been fooled, and now totally serves the city, paying for his crimes, but able to keep his place in the army.


Obasiel's both ears have been cutted in half in a fight, and so they are lower than normal, but that isn't so bad, after all.

Obasiel has scars all around his body, and some on his face, but there is not so many scars as there should be, as some of his wounds have been healed so, that it didn't leave any scars. On his right palm you can see a weird mix of many scars on the same place.

Obasiel's hair colour is really a mix of white and gray, not because he would be old, no, they just are like that, and they are long, but he liked his new colour of his hair, and kept it. His eyes are light green, and if you look deep inside them, you can see growing anger, and aswell patience, and the pain and misery Obasiel has seen, and the aswell the pain he has caused, and the regret and pain that his crimes has caused to him.


Obasiel Remanon was born in Eversong Woods, years ago, where his parents lived. His father and mother, both served the army, and they wanted Obasiel to serve the army aswell. So, his father started training him, and he fought Obasiel like anyone enemy, ignoring it that he's his child, and way weaker than he himself, and after everytime Obasiel's father beated him, Obasiel's right palm was cutted open as a punishment.

After years of hard training, Obasiel was able to beat his father at last at the age of 68, which was very young for an elf, and beating his father was a good sign, as Obasiel's father was way more older, and more experienced soldier, but Obasiel had talents in fighting.

For a small moment, after he first time beated his father, he looked at his father's bloodied face, and for a moment wanted to finish him off once and for all, but then decided to just let him feel the same pain he caused to Obasiel, and so he grabbed his right hand, and cutted his fathers palm open slowly, and making a deep wound to it. Years his father still wanted to train Obasiel, but now Obasiel knew he could beat his father, and after every fight his father lost, Obasiel cutted his palm open again.

After years, Obasiel was at last able to leave, and so he joined many small groups of fighters, and learned to live with them, and was not even thinking of joining the army. But after years many years, more than a few hundred, Obasiel went to' Lordaeron, he was now a good fighter, and ready to join a war if such ever comes, and so he joined the army of the Lordaeron Empire.
Lordaeron Flag

The flag of Lordaeron Empire.

Obasiel was away from Lordaeron, visiting his parents when Lordaeron was attacked by the Scourge, and when Obasiel got the word, and returned to Lordaeron as quickly as he could, he was late, and now a survivor of Lordaeron. Then he slowly he started to return back to his parents house, and when he reached their house, he found just a group of undeads, and his parents bodies, swiftly Obasiel killed the undeads, but two of them were able to escape, with his parents bodies, and he was never able to catch them.

Years he had served Lordaeron, and then his bravery and skills to command his forces helped him to become a commander of the army of Lordaeron. Now, the rank didn't matter, because Lordaeron was destroyed, but he found out that not all of the soldiers were dead, and he joined them. He was fighting under the command of Kael'thas Sunstrider,the Sun King, those days, but for his bad luck, the Sun King was under the command of a fool and a man who hated elves over everything, Garithos.


Kael'thas Sunstrider, the Sun King

Later, when the elves were locked to Dalaran by the command of Garithos, because the Sun King accepted the help of the naga, and now Garithos wanted to execute every elf who served the Sun King. Kael'thas was able to escape his prison by the help of Lady Vashj, and so Kael'thas helped the other elves out aswell, Obasiel among them. From there on Obasiel fought some of his old friends, but his anger blinded him, he didn't even see them as friends then, he saw them as enemies, and killed them in cold blood. That day, the Sun King enchanted Obasiel's blade to be able to draw fires, and then use them to burn Obasiel's enemies. After the enchanting of his blade, Obasiel killed the last guard standing, which was one of his best friends. He killed the guard by throwing the enchanted sword straight towards him, and so the sword impaled the man, and as the sword had already drawn some fires into itself, and then when it hitted the human, it released all of them, burning him from inside. Slowly Obasiel went to take his sword from the burning corpse of the human, his last friend now was dead, but Obasiel was blinded by his anger still, and he just left the body to burn there.

When they reached the portal, Obasiel started to think that the Sun King had lost his mind, as he was going to serve Illidan on the other side of the portal. But he didn't have much time to think about that, as quickly a fight started, elves trying to hold off Garithos' forces, who tried to blow the portal up, and at the same time, the elves tried to buy time for the civillians and those who couldn't fight, so they could escape. The elves won the fight, after heavy losses. Obasiel got shot by two arrows to his shield arm, but he survived.

Later, when everyone else than Obasiel, the Sun King, and Lady Vashj had went through the portal, Obasiel said that he wasn't coming, and just wished good luck to both of them, and left, as he had found a way out of the prison. No one tried to stop him, but still, leaving his people behind was hard for Obasiel.

Lady Vashj and the Sun King disappeared to the portal, and the portal closed after them, Obasiel was all alone now. He climbed out from the dungeon of Dalaran, and went towards Lordaeron, to somehow stop Garithos, blinded by his anger, ready to fight any soldiers he might meet, and he had to fight a few, killing all of them in cold blood again.

When Obasiel reached Lordaeron, he suddenly understood that it was not worth it, as he could be thrown back to the prison. Then he waved goodbye to Lordaeron, and left towards the wildreness. There he found again soldiers of Lordaeron, a small group, seven well trained soldiers. They noticed Obasiel aswell, drew their swords, and slowly walked towards him, Obasiel was going to stand alone against seven men, and he was weakened by the wounds from the arrows still.

Swiftly an elf, lord Grekhan Highstrider, dropped from a tree next to the guards, landing silently behind one of them, and then killing him, before the other guards were able to notice that there was another elf, four of the guards were dead by then, and when two of them at last noticed Grekhan, they saw him finishing one of the three guards that were left, so now there was only two guards against Obasiel and a man who had killed five guards in seconds. Slowly and patiently Grekhan observed Obasiel and the guards, then one of the guards charged towards Grekhan, but he was quick to react, making a stylish step to the side and swiftly slitting the throat of the guard from the side, then as the last one tried to escape, Grekhan threw a throwing dagger straight to his leg, making him fall to the ground, and then he walked to the crawling, scared man, but sadly Obasiel was unable to see what Grekhan did to the man, but the guard was not alive as Grekhan turned to face him.

For a moment Obasiel observed Grekhan, and so did Grekhan observe Obasiel. Slowly Grekhan lowered his dagger, and a grin appeared on his face, he offered his hand to Obasiel, and presented himself. Obasiel and Grekhan found out that they had much in common, and they both had been through great losses, so they understood each other very well.

Grekhan offered training to Obasiel, to teach him the art of assassination, and Obasiel accepted the offer, only thinking about vengeance. Grekhan had become almost a brother to him, and years they trained in the woods, and slowly Obasiel started to understand what it all was about, and he learned much from Grekhan, wisdom, and new fighting skills.

After that Obasiel was ready, Grekhan was going to explore the world with a human friend of his, and asked that if Obasiel would come with him, and Obasiel couldn't say no. During the years they explored, they learned much, found new places, new friends and new enemies. The human learned to speak thalassian swiftly, and so they could understand each other.

After the human died, Grekhan stopped exploring Azeroth, and went towards Silvermoon City, and Obasiel followed him there. Later, in the city, he found out what powers Grekhan is able to command, he found the Order of the Assassins, and found out that Grekhan was leading it. Then, as Grekhan saved Obasiel's life, he was bound to offer his life in servitude for Grekhan, and Grekhan accepted. And so Obasiel Remanon became a trained assassin of the Order, later becoming Grekhan's personal spy.
Obasiel Remanon image3

Obasiel's armors and mask when he served the Order.

Obasiel was a trained soldier, looking for work, and then he joined the Blood Knights. After years of servitude for the Order and the Blood Knights, Obasiel became a commander of the Blood Knights, and now had access to many valuable informations, which was good for Grekhan, as now through Obasiel, he had access to the files of Silvermoon City, making his work way easier.

And this far, Obasiel has been able to fool everyone with the skills of deception he learned from Grekhan himself, and no one ever suspected that Obasiel would be an assassin. But Obasiel made a promise to Grekhan, that he'd tell his friends and allies, that he's an assassin of the Order, and Grekhan's personal spy only when he was going to die, in the place where he would fall.

Later, when he was on a normal patrol, having a small break near the entrance of the inn in the Bazaar in Silvermoon City, he heard a voice of a girl, Rosalia Dawnblade, talking something about Blood Knights and how she wasn't able to join them. Obasiel knew the Blood Knights would need every able soldier, and so he offered a place and training in the Blood Knights to Rosalia, but he did this without the acception of his masters, and his masters went mad about it, as Obasiel had told Rosalia that she'll get a place there, but then there was no one who wanted to train her, and Obasiel was quite busy, as he was a commander already then, but still, Obasiel said that he'll train her if no one else will.

Again, weeks later, Obasiel found out the true potential of Rosalia, her spiritual powers were astounding, altough her physical and combat skills were truely in need of training. She was anyway a little bit hesitant about joining the Blood Knights, and later came out, that she didn't want to join them. Rosalia was already deep inside Obasiel's life, and was unable to just let her walk away from his life because she didn't want to join the army he served.

Days Obasiel seeked information about Rosalia, and made Grekhan a little bit angry, because Obasiel didn't bring the informations he wanted. Obasiel seemed to forget many things then, and he couldn't explain why he was so careless, and why he did enjoy Rosalia's company so much. Again it took days for Obasiel to accept the fact, which he had denied for a long time, that he had fallen in love with Rosalia. The feeling was new to him, and that's why he didn't accept it instantly.

Month or two later Obasiel was betrayed by Grekhan, he poisoned Obasiel, for some reason, maybe because Obasiel hadn't brought any informations to him, and then Grekhan disappeared. But the betrayal opened Obasiel's eyes for the real truth, and he understood that he has been fooled, and Grekhan has told him nothing more than lies. He turned totally against Grekhan now, after he survived a few days with the hallucination creating poison, and totally serves the Blood Knights now, paying for his crimes, and now at last can enjoy his life without the tight grib of Grekhan around him. Still, deep inside him he wants to give Grekhan another chance, and that can be a fatal mistake.

The last parts of Obasiel's history are rather sad, and the things told these days, as rumours, are that Obasiel and Rosalia had some kind of an argument, or something like that, which leaded to that Obasiel left the city, and in a few days, he got lost in action during the siege attacks of the Alliance.

Since he got lost in action, no one had heard of Obasiel after that. A funeral was made for Obasiel, with known swordsmen and soldiers as guests. There was a small tribute made also for his servitude in the Blood Knights and for his servitude under the Sun King's command. Later as the people left the "grave" of Obasiel's, where his body wasn't buried, a group of hooded elves arrived to the place, and as described by someone who was passing through, they held some kind of a ritual there and all of them offered their blood to the grave to honor Obasiel's memory, then they just left.

Then time passed and Obasiel's body remained hidden from the rest of the world, in Grekhan's own headquarters. There Grekhan was able to ressurect Obasiel from the dead, making him the same creature Grekhan himself is, a dead body posessed by the soul of the one who controlled the body before. The Corrupter powering Grekhan and allowing him to use the dark arts of magic had made a strong copy of itself, and Grekhan placed it inside Obasiel, so that the lesser Corruptor and Obasiel's soul became one and so Obasiel awoke, as an undead.

Some travellers tell they've seen two elves, with a chilling aura around them, like death itself would follow them around. And those two elves matched the description of Lord Grekhan Highstrider, a known necromancer and the wanted leader of a former group of assassins, and the description of Commander Obasiel Remanon, commander of the Blood Knights and the head of house of Remanon. There where they were seen, always something was stolen, someone was killed or someone was threatened.

The Blood Knights sent three soldiers, a woman and two men, in training to investigate these claims of two elves robbing, killing and threatening others. The soldiers heard one night, as they were sleeping in the upper level of an inn, as something was walking downstairs, something armored. As they took their swords and went downstairs, they saw an elf standing in the middle of the inn, his back turned towards them. They felt a chill running up their spine, and then with a scared voice commanded the elf to turn around. For their surprice, they recognized the elf's face, it was Obasiel.

The soldiers were shocked for a while, and then they suddenly felt a calming song inside them and heard a soothing voice, telling them to lower their weapons. They were feeling so good at the moment, that they did, and then Obasiel charged towards them, not saying a word, he slammed the woman to the wall and tripped the other man to the ground, kicking the man's head with his knee as he fell. Then he grabbed the throat of the third soldier, and suddenly the soothing song was gone, and only a cold breeze filled the room.

Obasiel observed the scared soldier for a while and then noticed, as the woman was rising up, badly shocked. Then he looked to his other side, and noticed as the one he had kicked was still on the ground, unconscious. Obasiel threw the soldier, that he had been choking, to the wall and walked to the woman, who started to back down, but fell down quickly, still shocked.

Obasiel gave just a cold glare at the scared woman and then looked over his shoulder, at the two unconscious soldiers, and then back at the woman. "Tell them, tell them all, of my sacrifice for the greater good. I took the pain, when I had a choice not to. I fell, so that others wouldn't. I died, for others to live." Obasiel said with a dark voice, which still had the similliar soothing voice the soldiers had heard before, then Obasiel pulled the woman up and dragged the two unconscious soldiers back upstairs, and threw them to the ground and then with heavy steps, walked outside.

As the woman had walked outside just after Obasiel had left, she saw Obasiel climbing on a clearly undead, armored steed and then from the other direction there came another elf on an undead steed, this one hooded, but as the unknown elf gazed towards the door of the inn, where the woman was watching, she clearly could tell that the other one was Lord Grekhan Highstrider, and she shivered as he gazed at her direction with his pitch black, bloodied eyes. But for the woman's surprice, two other elves suddenly rode on their undead steeds from the same direction as Grekhan came. They gathered around Obasiel and started discussing about something.

As the woman slowly walked closer, to even somehow hear what they were speaking, the only thing she heard was the murmur of the wind, the elves clearly were discussing about something, but nothing could be heard. Then suddenly they all turned to gaze at the woman's direction with their dark, bloodied eyes. Then, shocked of the sudden detection, she still was able to recognize the two others, or so she claims. The youngest looking one of them was Anoren Highstrider, Grekhan's son and the other was Grand Master Rorir Scargrave, Grekhan's master and Obasiel's mentor.

They all suddenly pulled the reins of their undead steeds, making them rear and then charging out of the village's gates. The woman was shocked and scared, but she knew that it's clear now who did those crimes. The next day the three recruits returned to the Blood Knight headquarters and told what they knew. The Blood Knights didn't bring this knowledge into public, but stored the knowledge of four undead elven riders into their library. Also the names of those riders were included, aswell as Obasiel's sentence: "Tell them, tell them all, of my sacrifice for the greater good. I took the pain, when I had a choice not to. I fell, so that others wouldn't. I died, for others to live." And that was the last thing they've heard of Obasiel or the other riders for now.


Obasiel's personality has totally changed from the calm, righteous servant of the Light to the complete opposite of it. He is a brutal and relentless man, if you can call him that, as he is more than a man, in a bad way. He is ready to sacrifice lives to get the job done, everyone he kills, he claims as casualties of war. He has problems to control his anger, which he was able to just hide then when he was still alive. But in undeath, all of his anger is released.

He still remembers how the Light felt, until he turned to the shadows and at times he still wonders if there's a way back, but his anger slowly turns Obasiel back to serve Grekhan, because then his rage is useful to someone. If you'd ask what he'd do with all that anger, Obasiel would probably answer that he'd release all of it in it's magnificence onto the one who doomed him. Obasiel doesn't mention who it is, but all who knew or cared even a little bit about him, know that Obasiel had an argument with Rosalia Dawnblade, hardly anyone know what it was about, but all know that he volunteered to go fight the Alliance. And also everyone knows, that he didn't return from that war alive.

So, in undeath, Obasiel's personality turned to the opposite of what it was when he was alive. Not a suitable end for a veteran of many wars.

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