Nirya Darkflame (currently goes by Varona Darkflame)
Basic information
Age 127
Gender Female
Race Blood Elf
Affiliation Ravenholdt / House Sin'Drathir
Status Alive

Assassin, trained under the Ravenholdt Assassins League.


Small of build, Nirya is a bit shorter than average for her kind. This, coupled with an overall skinny physique, makes her appear weak and frail.

Her eyes glow a dark green, though the glow is almost invisible unless you are up close. Her skin is a pale white, and appears unmarked by combat. This is however only partially true. Under her garments, her torso show signs of multiple cuts and stab wounds, and her back has several long scars probably caused by a whip.


(work in progress.)


Most of the time appears subservient and polite, as well as quite shy. She will often avert her eyes when talking to someone of higher standing than her, and almost constantly use titles rather than names.

Underneath the deception she is however fiercly independent, willing to do almost anything to ensure her own survival.

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