Nathaniel Sundawn
Basic information
Age He doesn't keep track. But he'd be about 17 in human years.
Gender Male (only just)
Race Sin'dorei
Affiliation The Phoenix Guard.
Status Alive.

Nathaniel Sundawn is a young ranger with a talent for shooting and haircare.


From a quick glance at Nathaniel Sundawn you will firstly notice just how tall he is. Much taller than the average elf but his body seems to have concentrated only on growing upwards rather than growing outwards. Because the second thing you notice about Nathan is how skinny he is, unlike most other guards he seems to lack any muscle at all and it seems his skin must just cling to the bone. Paired with his height this gives him the appearence of a particularly lanky teenager.

His skin is almost white and he has white-blonde hair, it's long and fairly layered and always very carefully proffesionally messed up. He has a rather soft and childlike face with definite good looks, though he seems just a little too girly to swoon over, the girly part is clear in his clothes which are usually rather tight black trousers and fitted shirts. Not the usual garments of a guard but admittedly he does look a little suave.


Nathan was brought up in the large Sundawn mansion with it's sprawling grounds and grand structure. This was deep in the woods of Eversong in an idyllic location. Nathaniel was brought up there with his family and had fairly troubled teenage years. He became hated by both of his parents and was determined to prove himself, he was nimble and quick, also an excellent shot. He joined the farstriders at a young age (equivalent of fourteen almost fifteen) and in the attack on Silvermoon he attempted to defend Silvermoon. However when his lover Thinarion Goldenarrow was killed he lost all hope and fled to a half wrecked building where he hid himself for the rest of the battle, astonishingly he survived and emerged afterwards to find himself an orphan. With his only relatives being his two sisters he was utterly lost. He promised he would find himself a use in life. He stayed with the Farstriders for a few more years until he was recruited into the Phoenix Guard.


Nathan is a rather loud and in your face sort of person. He's the sort to voice his opinions to anyone around and this can sometimes end badly. His solution to most of the problems in his life is alcohol and he puts his personal life before his professional life.

Nathan has always been a dreamer, he believes everyone gets the fairytale ending and doesn't see life for what it truly is. He likes to plan ahead, with grand dreams and plans that never materialise. He dissapoints himself with his own ideas and expectations. He's also rather selfish and would much sooner save himself than others.

See alsoEdit

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