"Naimless" Mal'dun Llamdrei
Basic information
Age Young.
Gender Gender
Race Sin'Dorei
Affiliation Horde
Status Alive

A skilled elven warrior, preferring heavier armour and sword/shield combinations to other methods of fighting.


A tall male with elven features - this individual appears as a grim warrior of the Sin'dorei, suited to desperate times. Despite his obvious, wiry strength, his eyes are often sunken and gaunt, evidencing an erratic and infrequent pattern of sleep. His skin and hair are both incredibly pale, close to white - making a striking contrast with his usually dark armour.


Raised among Humans in Hillsbrad, Naimless was taken in by a village blacksmith, and developed his early talent for the craft under that human's stern guidance. He would later refine this aptitude with crafting armour into something approaching an art - to be almost abandoned as the many and varied battlefields of Azeroth and Beyond called to him.

Although he became known in his village briefly as "William", there were very few people who ever used it; and it was soon superceded by "Donkey-ears", "Naimless", and later on in life, after Garithos vilified the elven race and condemned them; "Stripes".


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