Basic information
Age 352
Gender Female
Race Night elf
Affiliation Knights of the Ebon Blade
Status Undead

Naeruna is a death knight night elf, and is thus a living contradiction. Every night elf fiber says she should destroy herself to restore balance, while the same fibers urge her to go on and kill everything there is of the scourge in the world.


Naeruna has jet black hair, going on blue. Her skin is pale blue, and her body is lithe and muscular. Typical night elf, in other words.


Naeruna is one of three siblings. Her sister is Naerill, her brother is Naerum. Naerill is a hunter that dwell mostly around Ashenvale, Moonglade, keeping to herself. Naerum left Kalimdor at an early age, and now lives in Stormwind city where he works as a trader, living with the humans. Naeruna is the oldest of the children, and she studied to become a priestess of Elune. During an Orc raid she was captured, and brought north. Eventually she was killed, and her body was sold to the scourge. For one reason or another, her body was resurrected not as a mindless ghoul, but as a death knight.


Naeruna is a cold person, not one beset by emotions. She is dead, so can not really feel anything anymore. She is brutally truthful, even when it hurts others. She has trouble understanding emotions, and how living people are controlled by them. But inconsequentially she has one overriding ambition, to rid the world of The Lich King, for whom she was forced to do unspeakable things. For this reason alone, to eradicate every scrap of the scourge, she has decided not to destroy herself to restore her balance with nature.

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