Miyev Emberheart is currently working as a mercenary. She is the former Commander of the The Phoenix Guard.

Miyev Emberheart
Miyev wiki
Gender Female
Race Blood Elf
Age 131
Class Ranger
Affliation Blood Elves, Horde
Occupation Mercenary
Location Northrend
Status Alive


Miyev is a rather tall blood elf, though she is certainly no mountain. Years of training have moulded her body to a lean, wiry frame. She keeps her hair cut short, and rarely wears any jewelry other than her phoenix-shaped pendant. Her hands are calloused due to her military life (which also gave her a broken nose that never was straightened properly). Scars both old and new are spread in various parts of her body, which is most of the time covered with her armour - which, in turn, is often covered with blood and entrails (not necessarily her own).


Miyev is a harsh person, and doesn't enjoy diplomatic conversations, though she will bear them if she must. Driven first and foremost by her sense of duty, she is willing to do whatever must be done to get the job done. Though the years have moulded her to a callous, cold person, glimpses of her more relaxed side can be seen every now and then whenever she is amongst people she considers trustworthy enough.

Duty is vital to her; some might say she would seem slightly obsessed with it. Miyev places her duty of protecting her people above everything else in her life. She rarely has the patience for idle gossip when there is work to do.

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She prefers to wield a pair swords for close-combat. However, should the option be available, she will always prefer to use her bow first. She sees the wisdom of killing her enemies from afar.

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