Mitzi T. Meule
The finest banker in Stormwind.
Basic information
Age Twenty-One
Gender Female
Race Human
Affiliation Alliance
Status Alive - Stormwind Banker

Mitzi T. Meule is a young banker residing in Stormwind City.


Mitzi has bright blond hair, styled in a stylish, layered flip. She has fair ivory skin and piercing blue eyes; and she stands at around 5'4" and weighs about 125lbs. She can always be seen wearing the finest fashion possible, and currently enjoys wearing a lovely black colored dress, over a beautiful formal white shirt, black tuxedo style pants, a thin cloth belt and black dress shoes. Also adorning Mitzi is her banker tabard: an elegant black tabard with a gold border and gold coin imagery on the front of it and a pair of ruby shades.


Mitzi was born twenty-one years ago in Northshire, Elwynn to her father Glireli Meule and her mother, Acania Meule. Glireli was an old rich mage and often talked about his tales of following the mage path while relaxing with a good pipe. Acania was a librarian and also worked when needed as a Priestess of the Light. Growing up, Mitzi had everything a young girl could want and yes... She was spoiled. But this never affected Mitzi. It did give her a love of money and handling money, however the young girl was always taught manners and she loved to study. This isn't to say that she didn't spew the fact that her father was rich, when she was in trouble or that she could easily pay a guard to haul off someone she didn't like.

For Mitzi's 18th birthday, her father decided to give his daughter a very special gift. Her own bank. The Bank of Mitzi. Mitzi was ecstatic. She has now been running The Bank of Mitzi for about three years. She is currently studying a few different things, one is the Art of Being a Rogue and the other, Tales of a Priest. Mitzi has a bit of self defense training under her belt and has also been to various classes, always enjoying learning something new.

Mitzi has given to the Church often, donating money to Miss Endelia Bailey of The Scarlet Inquisition. She has also had quite a few run-ins with a woman named Tani and is always hoping to catch "that wench" as she calls her.

Mitzi is hoping to enter and win Miss Stormwind.


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