Miss Ironforge
Miss Ironforge image
Could you be the next Miss Ironforge?
Basic information
Date 24. October 2010
Time 20:00 server time
Location Hall of Explorers
Contact Slashcat/Levian/Saranini

The Vanguard of Valor are proudly presenting...


The eventEdit

This year's Miss Ironforge contest will be held on the 24th of October, 8pm (servertime) in the Hall of Explorers in Ironforge.

If you think you're up to a battle of wits, charm, hard drinking and tough talking, then drop a note in to Slashcat, Levian or Saranini. There will be fabulous prizes! There will be booze! AND the winner will be eligible to take part in the finals, the Miss Azeroth Alliance competition. Also did we mention the alcohol? Don't wait any longer, mail NOW! The rest of you, mark the date, get your pint ready and come enjoy the show!

The contestants are expected to survive the following challenges:

Round one:

Introduction round. Tell us a bit about yourself!

Round two:

Race/skill round. Show us why you are proud to represent Ironforge! You can do this by showing us a skill, brewing a traditional ale, telling us some well known history, or performing a certain tradition – up to you to choose!

Round three:

Dress round. Show us your favorite dress or outfit and tell us why this is special to you! It need not to be a robe, but can be anything from a traditional outfit to plate armour. What matters is the reason behind your choice.

Round four:

Question round. The judges will ask you a question. Prepare to give a good answer!

As you see, this will not be a beauty pageant for the vain. The misses will be asked to show what they know about their race by skill, history and so on. The question round will NOT be easy. So prepare not only your body, but your brains for this.


Preliminary signups are as follows:

  • Miss Selta
  • Miss Eriall
  • Miss Blackbrew
  • Miss Minacara

We are also looking for judges who feel they are fit to evaluate the misses properly, so if you feel you could be such person, please contact the before-mentioned people as well. You don't need to be a dwarf to do this.

Volunteered judges so far:

  • Master Skaggs
  • Master Thorind
  • Miss Slashcat

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