Maiyh 'Maisy' Na'ressar
Basic information
Age 9, 789
Gender Female
Race Draenei
Affiliation Alliance, Cenarion Circle, Wyrmrest Accord
Status Alive

Maiyh Na'ressar is a vindicator and paladin. Born on Argus and finally coming to Azeroth, she has seen her fiar share of death.


Maiyh stands about 7"9, her flowing silver hair braided into a hairband. Her dark blue skin perfectly contrasts her glowing eyes, and her plump, round lips form words in common without even the slightest hint of an accent.


Maiyh was born on Argus, but not much is known about her childhood. She seems rather embarrassed when anyone asks her of it. When she fled to Draenor, she trained as a vindicator but the last stages of her training were stopped when Kil'jaeden found the Draenei once again. Finally, when the Exodar crashed on Azeroth, she lost most of her family, except her sister, who died years later after being accidentally smothered in a coma, and her brother, who is M.I.A. She currently lives with her lover, Osonaa.


Maiyh is a loving, gentle character, but this is not always reflected the way she'd like it to be. She is a fun-loving and easy-going Draenei, whose only real goal in life is to enjoy it to the full.

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