(Real in-game character)

Growing up 6-17
Magaton had a normal youth, exciting adventures. Fishing in the river between Darkshire and Goldshire.
His father worked hard everyday in the mines around Goldshire until Kobolds made it their "nest" to keep their house so they would not have to live outside or on the streets.

Growing up 17-20
His father never had a lot of money, he could not go to any "fancy" university in Stormwind and become a priest to help those wounded by the Scourge, or a magician and make portals.
He had a steady future in Goldshire with the people he loved. He was a Armorsmith making armor for the Stormwind guards. When the Scourge was invading he was sent to war to defend the Alliance from the wrath of the Lich King. He was captured by the Scourge and Lich King drained his soul for all eternity. He was one of them... He was a .... Death Knight.

Orders of the Lich King
He had to do horrible stuff, he got sent to Goldshire to kill his family and friends, he had to destroy the Scarlet Crusade and defend the "fort" from enemies of the Scourge.

He got blonde hair and big muscles. He's about 2 metres tall.
He speaks like the people of Westfall when he is from Northshire.
People always think he is from Westfall.

What he is doing at the moment
He got away from the Lich King/Arthas and now is trying to make him pay for everything... Stealing his life, making him kill his family and worst of all, going against everything the Alliance stands for.
He is a retired adventurer that settled down in the Dwarf District of Stormwind to learn more about Engineering and Blacksmithing. You can sometimes see him roaming the streets of Stormwind looking for his lost ores and tools.