Maerion Dawnstrike
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Dawnstrike in her armour.
Basic information
Age 109 (Approx. 28 in human)
Gender Female
Race Sin'dorei
Affiliation Horde, The Phoenix Guard
Status Alive

Maerion is a master Swordswoman, and recently resigned from the elite sect of the Sin'dorei military: The Phoenix Guard.


A somewhat short female Sin'dorei, boyishly pretty in her appearance. Her fiery red hair is cut into a short shaggy style; mainly for practicality. Her face is narrow and pretty, with firm pale lips and a relatively straight nose. She sports an athletic build, and is composed mainly of lean muscle. Her hands are rough and calloused from years of using heavy weaponry. If not in heavy plate or mail armour, Maerion is wearing flexible leathers with a small buckler strapped to her arm. A thick, puckered white scar runs from the middle of her thigh to the middle of her shin, causing her to limp slightly. She has a faint scar on her face, running from her forehead and into her cheek, and she is missing her right ear.


Maerion grew up with her father in what is now known as the ruins of Silvermoon. Her mother died giving birth to her, and her father was taken from her during the Scourge invasion of Quel’thalas. In her childhood and adolescence, her father passed on his knowledge of blade mastery to his only daughter. Maerion grew up aspiring to be in the military. After the Scourge invasion and her father’s death, Maerion took up mercenary work. It was not the best paying of jobs, but she had enough to live well and alone in Fairbreeze Village. After joining the Phoenix Guard – an elite sect of the Sin’dorei military – she began a relationship with Telirion Frostrunner. They married, but four months into her pregnancy Maerion discovered Telirion was cheating - and issued a divorce. She resigned from The Phoenix Guard, and currently resides at the Sunthorn estate and awaits the arrival of her babies in four months time.


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