Loudaine D'el Flivé
Loudaine D'el Flivé image
The essence of Loudaine ((As she would appear in a medival tapestry sans ears and weird glowy eyes))
Basic information
Age 93
Gender Female
Race Blood Elf
Affiliation Eburi Knights
Status Alive

Loudaine can often be found wondering among her own Ebury Knights waiting for her orders. She has sometimes being spotted in the more questionable areas of Silvermoon City conversing amiably with characters of dubious intent. She can often be seen sitting by the fountain in The Bazaar with her latest embroidery project at hand.


Pale and twitchy, Loudaine's current appearance suggests she could be attractive if only for the sickly pallor her face seems to hold. She is of average height and build for a female of her kind and does not have any remarkable features save for her lovely long, golden hair.


Loudaine was born to Baratus and Louraine D'el Flivé, successful tailors based in Silvermoon City. She learned the family trade from a young age, finding the methodical and repetitive art of embroidery a particular delight. When she turned 70, Loudaine felt the call of the Light beckon her and she joined a local seminary in order to further her knowledge of the Light and thus make her a suitable spoke-person for it. She flourished as a Cleric and was sent to serve the small villages dotted in and around Eversong Forest. Both Baratus and Louraine died as a result of the Scourge invasion. But despite this, and other tragedies her people suffered, Loudaine refused to recant her precious Light, instead she banded with like-minded survivors and cared for the wounded and sick. After Silvermoon City was rebuilt, Loudaine opened a small tailoring shop which yielded moderate success until it was shut down after she dissapeared. Where she was and what she did during her sudden absence is something Loudaine rarely discusses. She reappeared in Silvermoon recently and sought out the Eburi Knights in order to join their ranks.


Prone to bouts of hysterical laughter, Loudaine will strike most as a nervous creature. She seems easily persuaded and follows orders without question. She no longer appears to possess the ability of acting on her own initiative, but rather waits for her superiors to guide her.

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