Kopie Dragonarrow
Basic information
Age 17
Gender Female
Race Blood Elf
Affiliation Horde, Darkmoon Faire
Status Alive

Kopie Dragonarrow is an assassin which doesnt like to be messed with.


Kopie is a female Blood elf interested in the assassination arts, she mostly wears nice clothes and has a good personality.


When Kopie was three her parents were killed by a grand master assassin named Grekhan. thirteen years Kopie had to surivive in the eversong woods with a dragonhawk at her side named Chad. When Kopie was sixteen she went to Silvermoon City to meet interesting people. She met alot of friends and learned the life doesn't only exist out of killing and torturing. When Kopie knew she was strong enough she went to Grekhan to fight him. Kopie succeeded getting him away for a while. Unfortunately Grekhan came back. And it's Kopie her job to make a force against Grekhan.


Kopie Dragonarrow can make friends great. But when people are rude against her they will be attacked. Kopie is a great fighter.


Death is the true thing in you.

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