Khakin of Clan Bladewind
Image caption
Basic information
Age 32
Gender Male
Race Orc
Affiliation Hellscreams Angels, Clan Bladewind.
Status Alive

Once the Chief of Clan Bladewind, Khakin has had a hard life and bears the scars now to prove it. Captured by warlocks and tortured, his Clan fell apart without his leadership. Newly freed by agents of Hellscream, Khakin seeks to repay his debt with the blood of the enemies of the Horde.


Khakin's hair is braided to keep it out of his way in combat, one long braid going down his back and his beard braided twice, passing down his chest on either side of his face. He is a mess of scars and battlewounds, fel burns on his face and cuts across his hands and wrists, earned by any master of the Blade. He wears heavy armour now, compared the to light armour of his earlier years as Chief. He relied on his rage and anger then, focusing entirely on the defeat of his enemies through nothing more than brute force and the strength of his blood. Now he is calculated, plotting, and tactical. His heavy armour appears forged by himself, as well as his axe. He always appears at ease, and is usually quiet in a group.

The left side of his face is dominated by a horrific felburn, covering the majority of his left cheek and the leftmost side of his neck. The burn appears to have healed as much as it ever will, the rest scarring. The skins is tight over the cheek, stretched due to the scarring. It is evident that the burn was delivered over multiple days, repeated, over and over again until it scarred permanently. It looks like he was tortured by warlocks, or felorcs, and they branded him with their fire.



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