Character name
"Walking in the shadow... Light as my guide."
Basic information
Age Around 30 in human age
Gender Male
Race Half-Elf
Affiliation Order of Assassins
Status Alive/dead/missing

Keldomas Deathstrider is one of the surviving members of the Deathstrider-family, which is part of the Deathmoon-family. Keldomas seemed to appear some time after Sictal Deathmoon's disappearance, bearing the Deathmoon master's cloak, and Sictal's sword. It is unknown where he came from, and who whe really is, because for those who knew Sictal, Keldomas resembles him quite much, not only by his appearance, but as well by his emotions and movements.


Keldomas looks like a young half-elf, bearing no marks of battle or aging whatsoever. His ears are, typically for a half-elf, shorter than average elven ears, and only slightly pointy. His face is also shaped nearly like a human's face. Keldomas holds a constant smile on his face, and seems like very bright person, but he often is seen wearing black or dark clothes or armour, and he prefers to stand in the most shadowy spot available at the time being.


Keldomas appeared to Silvermoon some time after Sictal Deathmoon had disappeared. He spent much time there, especially around an elven female, Rosalia Dawnblade. Nothing special happened for some time, but when Rosalia was captured, Keldomas, and Rosalia's boyfriend, Obasiel Remanon, rushed to rescue her. They discovered that Rosalia had been taken by a tauren, and seeing as they had little chances of surviving a fight with such being, they were forced to pay to the tauren's ransom. The tauren wanted another elf, in order to set Rosalia free. Keldomas was unable to stop this from happening, and he blamed himself about the whole incident. He escorted Rosalia back to Silvermoon, and only now he had realised he was in love with her. With a heavy heart, he was about to leave Silvermoon behind, to grant Obasiel and Rosalia time together, but he never left Silvermoon, apparently too weak to let go of Rosalia, and too heartbroken to say anything.


Keldomas seems to be a bright person, although he dresses with a grim outfit, and speaks much about death and shadows. He praises the Light, and works for it, but once irritated too much, Keldomas reveals his true identity, slowly beginning to be corrupted. No one has so far seen Keldomas fully corrupted, but it is said that when anger takes over him, his flesh begins to disappear, leaving only bone to his body.

When angered, Keldomas can be cruel and cold, resembling once more the head of the Deathmoon family. Where a dim light glows from him, when he's normal, one can nearly sense the darkness that surrounds him, when he's angry, or irritated.

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