Justinius Bronzebrew
Justinius Bronzebrew image
Justinius Bronzebrew, Guard of the Dwarven district guard.
Basic information
Age 35
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Affiliation Dwarven district guard [Alliance]
Status Dead

Justinius always liked working for the Dwarven district guard until he got killed. People also called Justinius "Justin" instead.


Often did he write books about his journeys


Justinius was born in Loch Modan, hes father was sent to war against the scourge back in Lordaeron. When Justinius was 12 years old he always wanted to join the Knight of the Silver hands. After years of studying the ways of a paladin, he joined the K.O.T.S.H. When he was 23 years old he saw a poster in Ironforge about a guild named "Dwarven District Guard". Justinius wrote a letter to the guild leader, Dumpling. She wrote back that he could join the Guard. Afte years on working in the Guard, Justinius was killed in his Home by his traitorous brother Braahn becasue of his succes in life.


Justinius was always nice to all people he met, he always had a smile and was never angry unless there was no beer in his brewfest keg.

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