John Lowell
John Lowell image
Basic information
Age 21
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation Alliance
Status Alive


Lowell looks like an average human, with a body length of 69.3 inches, red short hair, not so muscular as the rest of the humans.


Lowell does not remember where he was born, who his parents were or his real name because of a memory loss that he got after a failed explosive experiment that almost killed him. A dwarven priestess found him in the middle of Dun Morogh in a small smoldering crater and decided to take care of him. She taught him about the Light and the priests. But with all the teachings of the Light, Lowell manages to get more knowledge about his doings in the past: explosives and why his failed experiment went wrong. So with the protection of the Light, Lowell goes after explosives and the answer of his experiment.


Lowell is a bit shy but friendly long he's not getting carried away with explosives and explosions...Then he becomes a bit confusing, a little bit crazy and very excited.

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