Jervok Trogghewer
Jervok Trogghewer image
"Fer da Alliance!"
Basic information
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Affiliation Alliance, Wildhammer Clan, Explorer's League, Dwarven District Guard
Status Alive

Jervok Trogghewer is a Guard of the Dwarven District Guard, and a proud one at that. He can often be found doing as all Dwarves love, drinking heavily, smithing, learning more about they're ancestors, etc. Often known to his friend's as "Jervok, the Wyrmslayer" for his deep, almost fanatical love for hunting 'hostile' Dragons, Jervok is a kind, and loving Dwarf at best.


Jervok typically appears wearing a set of leather overalls, with the odd scrap of metal strapped on for protection. He has a neatly trimmed beard, ending just above his waistline. His hair is cut to a medium length, with a small ponytail at the top, in the same fashion as other Dwarves of the Wildhammer Clan. He has rather thick, almost tree-like limbs, with dark, singed skin from his multiple encounters with Dragons.

Whilst traveling, he can normally be seen with a Proto-Drake Whelp at his side, often flapping some distance behind him, or perched on his shoulder, sleeping.



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